Solve mojeun information about the open-source license at a time


GNU General Public License (GPLv2)

Open Source SW, which is SW with source code opened, can generally be used, reproduced, distributed, and revised freely. Typical examples of Open Source SW include Linux Kernel, Apache Web Server, FireFox, Web Browser, and MYSQL. Throughout the world Open Source SW is being used in a comprehensive sense, including Free Software by Free Software Foundation. However, there are subtle differences between Free SW and Open Source SW in terms of history, philosophies pursued, and so on.


OLIS Introduction

Olis (Open Source License Information System) is a site that aims to improve convenience for Open Source SW developers, expand the range of Open Source SW application, and contribute to development of relevant industry by providing a Korean version of domestic and foreign up-to-date information related to more professional license observances for Open Source SW being used (written/distributed) after being downloaded easily on the web.


License Introduction

Open Source SW means a software is open with its source code, in general, this software does not restrict reproducing, deploying, or revising itself.Well known opensource SWs are Linux kernel, Apache Web server, FireFox web browser, MySql. Globally, Open Source has wide meaning including Free Software (no expense and no limit) defined by Free Software Foundation. However, Free SW and Open Source SW have subtle difference in terms of their history and ego. As software began to develop into a large value-added industry in the 1980s, a movement rose so that intellectual patent and license contract restrict reproducing, deploying, and revising software. Against such movement, Richard Stallman established FSF to develop Free Software movement.


CodeEye Service

CodeEye Client Services download the Windows application. It can be installed on users computer and used to protect the source code This service is an open source SW license based on encryption (128 bits) and cryptographic communication.


Code Search Introduction

Source Code Search Service is to search Open Source SW source codes possessed by OLIS in order to use Open Source SW with many advantages, such as easy acquisition of up-to-date technologies, reduced period of development, expense cut-down, and prevention of technological dependency, and make contributions to development of the domestic software industry. This service enables a developer to search and use Open Source SW source code using desired functions and technologies and get information about the project and license for the source code.