Solve all information about the open-source license at once

GNU General Public License (GPLv2)

Open Source SW, which is SW with source code opened, can generally be used, reproduced, distributed, and revised freely. Typical examples of Open Source SW include Linux Kernel, Apache Web Server, FireFox, Web Browser, and MYSQL.Throughout the world Open Source SW is being used in a comprehensive sense, including Free Software by Free Software Foundation. However, there are subtle differences between Free SW and Open Source SW in terms of history, philosophies pursued, and so on.


Inspector Introduction

Open Source SW License Inspector Service (hereinafter referred to as Inspector Service) is system to prevent possible license-related legal disputes in advance, create good environment for using Open Source SW, and expand the range of Open Source SW application by providing precise license information in terms of open source SW application and by effectively determining violation of license policies.


Web Inspector

Inspector Web Service can examine source codes made by a developer at the OLIS site for use of Open Source SW and licenses. Any OLIS member can use Inspector Web Service just by applying for "Web Inspection Account," and you can see inspection request and results on "My Olis > Inspection Management."