Solve mojeun information about the open-source license at a time


CodeEye for Windows

Inspector Client Service, which inspects Open Source SW licenses through encoding (128 bit) and encoding communication to protect a developer's production source code, can be used by downloading and installing a Window application program in your computer.

CodeEye for Windows

Inspector Client Service can only be used by those users as OLIS members authorized by a manager in the authorization procedure after applying for "Client Inspection Account." Inspector Client Service can perform inspection by various options with Inspection Request Wizard as a stronger function than Web Service and designate a file unit or a folder to inspect without limitations to production source codes.

Division Web Client
Inspection Request Single Language O O
Multiple Language X O
Similarity Rate Assignment O O
File O(10) O
Folder X O
Target Assignment X O
Encoding X O
Progress Progress monitoring X O
Canceled X O
Inspection Results Inspection summary results O O
File comparison (limited to 7 days) O O
Report O O
Report-Printed O O
Report-Export X O(PDF)