Solve mojeun information about the open-source license at a time

CodeEye Introduction

Introduction of Inspector Service

Open Source SW License Inspector Service (hereinafter referred to as Inspector Service) is system to prevent possible license-related legal disputes in advance, create good environment for using Open Source SW, and expand the range of Open Source SW application by providing precise license information in terms of open source SW application and by effectively determining violation of license policies.

Goal of Inspector Service

Use of Open Source SW is on the great increase since it can provide easy acquisition of up-to-date technologies, reduced period of development, expense cut-down, and prevention of technological dependency through free access to source code. However, as many developers use it indiscreetly due to difficulty in identifying various Open Source SW licenses and insufficient understanding, the risk of infringing copyright and causing disputes concerning the resultant legal responsibilities is on the increase.

The Korea Copyright Commission provides medium- and small-sized SW developers with a system to identify Open Source SW licenses, with goals of improving the understanding of Open Source SW licenses among individual developers and medium- and small-sized SW developers, preventing intellectual property right disputes in advance, expanding the range of Open Source SW application to development of national industries through creation of good environment for Open Source SW application, and making contributions to the relevant industry.

CodeEye Service Authorization Procedure

CodeEye Service Authorization Procedure

* Only authorized users can get Inspector Service.

Service Types

Inspector Service is provided in two types: web and client versions. OLIS members can use the Web version just by applying for web inspection account without any separate authorization procedure. Client Service can only be used by those users authorized by a manager in the authorization procedure.