Solve mojeun information about the open-source license at a time


CodeEye 2.0 Introduction

CodeEye version 2.0

codeEye client services, windows applications download. install and use on your computers, and the work of developers in order to protect the source code encryption(128BT) and encrypted communication based on open source SW is a service that checks the license

Introduction to Inspection Service

Open Source SW License Inspector Service(hereinafter referred to as Inspector Service) is system to prevent possible license-related legal disputes in advance, create good environment for using Open Source SW, and expand the range of Open Source SW application by providing precise license information in terms of open source SW application and for effectively determining violation of license policies. CodeEye client service id joined to a member of OLIS. "checking account to the client" application, available via the approval of the administrator in the services. CodeEye client Service is by selecting the various options that can be used to inspect the more powerful 'check request Wizard' offers than CodeEye Web Services. In addition, without Imitation, copyright source code for the unit by selection the file or folder can be inspected.



License Inspection

- Inspect the source code collected tens of millions in the database(updated regularly) and the user's source code similarity. The test whether or nor the use of source SW, used to tell the license.

GPL Document Search

- It tells GPL license the presence of development template to determine gpl license from user's search request source code has been checked to examine.

Binary Search

- It tells which license is used by comparing about 70 licenses with Extracted information from Executable files can not be seen Source code and Library files

Source Code Comparison

- It provides similar line detection for each file By comparison, user's source code and open source SW source code in stored DataBase of the Commission

Inspection Report

- Code eye test results can be easily viewed by the user is provided with a report format.